What are Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

   FDA Statement on Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Below is a list of a few articles about Rhode Islands’ Omega-3 Dressings along with several articles about the importance of omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oil:

   Healthy Fats, Healthy Heart

Helen Papaconstantinos (www.insightfulnutrition.ca)  “One of the most important healthy saturated fats to include is animal-based omega-3 from fish oil”.

   Omega 3:  The Missing Component for Health and Weight Loss

Dr. Sally Norton at Huffington Post   “What about Alzheimer’s?   A recent study from Rhode Island researchers found that MRI brain scan studies of older people showed less brain shrinkage and less decrease in mental test scores in those taking fish oil supplements, adding to the growing evidence associating fish oils with protection against brain decline”.

   Is a Low-Fat Diet Making you Fat?

Nick Tate of newsmaxhealth.com    “…others — such as omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and other staples of the Mediterranean diet — have anti-inflammatory properties and promote health and even weight loss”.

   Finding the Right Fish Oil

Catherine Price at Men’s Journal   “It’s common knowldege:  Fish oil works.  Doctors agree that its essential fatty acids can help prevent heart disease and may ward off diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and other illnesses.”

   Study:  Fish Oil Prevents Brain Shrinkage and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

by David DiSalvo at Forbes.com  “…that fish oil supplementation could be one of the best preventives we have against the disease (Alzheimer’s) — at least for people not at a genetic risk of developing it”.

   Fish Oil Supplements Lowers the Incidence of Cognitive Decline

by Benita Matilda of Science World Report.  “…researchers at the Rhode Island Hospital who found that regular use of FOS is strongly associated with a significant reduction in cognitive decline as well as brain atrophy in older adults”.

   Omega 3 for Brain Health, Sleep and Critically ill Patients

by Irfan Qureshi at  www.nutritionaloutlook.com/1405/Omega3
“the potential benefits of omega-3 fatty acids extend beyond heart health. Recent strong evidence points to their beneficial impact on patients with critical illnesses, an area of omega-3 research that hasn’t garnered much mainstream attention but is significant nonetheless. Furthermore, evidence from recently published investigations highlights emerging indications, including unique, cognitive benefits of omega-3s, especially on memory function, as well as potential in addressing sleep-related issues.”

   Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA):  what you need to know

from Foodconsumer.org
Medical conditions that may benefit from omega-3 essential fatty acid, DHA.

   Low fat high fish oil diet may benefit men with prostate cancer: Study

“A low-fat diet in combination with supplementation with omega-3 rich fish oil may be associated with lower levels of pro-inflammatory substances and reduced cell progression scores in men with prostate cancer, research has suggested”.

   Increased omega-3 levels may boost behavior, attention, and literacy in ADHD children: Study

Increasing the levels of DHA and EPA omega-3s in red blood cells by dietary supplementation may improve attention, literacy, and behavior in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), says a new study from Australia.

   Omega-3:  The Key to Longer Healthier Life

Professor John Stein, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Professor of Neurophysiology, University of Oxford, and his brother, television personality and world famous fish chef, Rick Stein, speak to WF&A on the benefits of Omega-3. – (See more at: http://www.worldfishing.net/news101/Comment/analysis/omega-3-the-key-to-a-longer,-healthier-life#sthash.l23Etmo5.dpuf)

   New RI Salad Dressing Company Makes Healthy Omega-3s Tasty

   The perfect dressing for seaside salads:  Block Island Balsamic Vinaigrette

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