Rhode Islands’ Dressings LLC has launched an online public offering for ownership in the company.

We have been steadily growing and are now looking to reach the next steps in our expansion and in the development of new healthy food products under our Rhode Island Organics® brand.

Our Online Public Offering has been extended to February 25, 2019.  Details of the Offering can be found at


My late wife, Eileen, and I would cook together.   We thought that we were eating a healthy diet.  After Eileen lost her life to leukemia in her early 50s I found myself a single dad, raising two daughters, and questioning what I could do in the kitchen to enhance the quality of our lives.   I paid much closer attention to ingredients that my daughters and I were consuming.  I now search out organic produce, meats and products made with organic ingredients.  I avoid any products where there may be a question of GMO ingredients or high-fructose-corn-syrup.   USDA Certified Organic is the most stringent and the best certification for organic and non-GMO products.

I knew what I had to do — make my own healthy dressings to complement the healthy vegetables and produce that we wanted in our diets.

My personal vision, and the overall company mission, has always been to produce salad dressings, marinades and sauces that you actually WANT to feed to your family!   Kids, and adults, love the taste.  And when they love the taste you can be assured that they will eat their veggies!

You can now become part of and support this healthy-eating adventure!

We would love to have you join us!