Our Story/Our Passion

The idea/concept for Rhode Islands Dressings started out on a porch.   Yes, a group of us were sitting on a porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean on a gorgeous summer day with some fresh from-the-garden produce grown on one of the many islands that make up Rhode Island.   We started to wonder why people who choose salads as a healthy choice then try to destroy them!   We have seen them…..we knew them…. we were them!   They/we would take the time to select and/or grow fresh nutritious vegetables/produce but then pour on “dressings” that were full of high-fructose corn syrup (or any of the new “names” that HFCS is now being hidden behind) along with the low grades of canola or soybean oil and unpronounceable ingredients that are found in many of the national brands.

Well, because we/they did not have many healthy options.    WHY not?   Because many of the major national brands produced products with the goal of offering the lowest possible price….. not with the goal of offering the highest quality healthy ingredients!

We knew what we had to do — make our own healthy dressings to complement the healthy vegetables and produce that we wanted in our diets.   When our friends started to request our dressings/marinades we again knew what we had to do.

Our vision has been to produce salad dressings, marinades and sauces that you actually WANT to feed to your family!   Kids love the taste.    And when kids love the taste you can be assured that they will eat their veggies!

Both Gary and I have also personally experienced the health benefits of the omega-3 essential fatty acids — but were not happy with the idea of taking large capsules to get it.  We wanted something easier for ourselves and to offer to our families.  If we were going to make salad dressings with the healthiest ingredients then we had to include the recommended heart- and brain-healthy forms of omega-3!

You will never have to worry about any inferior ingredients with Rhode Island Organics.   And you will know that every bottle has been made with YOUR heart and brain in mind!

Being organic we are non-GMO, by lawnever any artificial colorings, flavorings or ingredients.

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Rhode Island Organics — Ideal for the health of your family and with a taste that they will enjoy.

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