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Rhode Island Organics® Welcomes You

Love your salads! 

You take the time to grow vegetables; or select produce from your local farmers market; or select the very best produce at your local market to ensure that your family eats great fresh organic products produced from sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming!

Now, after all of your diligence and effort to select the best for your family, you can complement your products with organic omega-3 salad dressings, marinades, and sauces from Rhode Island Organics®.

Nothing but pure certified organic, gluten-free and certified kosher goodness!

In Rhode Island Organics® you will find organic ingredients and items that have been harvested or produced without damaging the Earth’s ecosystem.

Plus!!! in addition to organic ingredients we include Omega-3 essential fatty acids as key ingredients in our products.

•DHA Omega-3 Essential fatty Acids – recommended for brain health & proper development

•EPA Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids – recommended for heart health

These forms of Omega- 3 essential fatty acids are the ones that are specifically noted to contribute to both brain health and heart health – for the young and the old.

Rhode Island Organics® omega 3 salad dressings, marinades, and sauces offer your family heart-healthy, brain-healthy flavorful products created with organic and gluten-free ingredients!

Try one of our salad dressings, marinades or sauces today!

How To Purchase Rhode Island Organics® Products: Omega 3 Salad Dressings, Sauces and Marinades


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